Before you read another word, look at your hands. What do you see, a confused jumble of lines and bumps? You are looking at a topographical map of your character in your past, present, and future. You can navigate that map and chart your course. Priceless knowledge awaits you in plain sight at the ends of your arms. My mission is to give everyone a helping hand, their own.

Hands reveal basic character and precious insights into intimate questions: Who am I? What do I think? How do I feel? What do I want? How can I be happier? How can I be healthier? How can I be more creative? How is my marriage? What’s my purpose? What’s my philosophy? How can I prosper ? What are my obligations and responsibilities? How can I be more spiritual? What’s next? You’ll be amazed at what can be seen in your hands.

Palmistry is simple and fun. Once you understand the basic principles, you can know yourself and others better through a visual and tactile examination of hands. The value in reading hands is in being able to readily and easily identify character, behavior, and motivation. The beauty of reading hands is that hands change as thinking and circumstances change. A tiny change in the direction or quality of a line can represent a huge change in a life. As we make decisions and take actions, we can see our successes and failures reflected in the mirrors of our hands over time.

Click on the images below to see short videos of how palmistry changed my family’s life, a minute of reading Martha Stewart’s hands, and me talking about teaching salesmen to quickly size up their prospects and know what to say next.

Over the past forty years, Mark Seltman has read tens of thousands of hands of people of every age, gender, race, color, size, shape, career, and socio-economic diversity. He has examined the hands of celebrities, billionaires, corporate executives, and […]

Your hands are empowering tools to confirm, affirm, and transform your thinking and destiny. The value of reading hands is in being able to readily recognize a person’s personality traits, habits, and motivations […]

Mark consults with corporate clients about sales productivity, conflict resolution, team selection and building, skills and talent assessment, and employee relationships. Mark entertains both corporate and private clients at special events […]