For forty years, I’ve read tens of thousands of hands of people of every age, gender, race, color, size, shape, career, and socio-economic diversity. I’ve read  hands of celebrities, billionaires, corporate executives, and everyone who works for them. I’ve been the captain of the ‘psychics’ at special events like Mike Bloomberg’s Company picnic on Randall’s Island. I’ve read hands at the Mayor’s country home and at Gracie Mansion in NYC. I’ve been a hand reader at major PR events and family gatherings for moguls like SNL’s Lorne Michaels and Ron Howard. I was the hand reader at Harvey Weinstein’s spectacular and ridiculous wedding to Georgina Chapman. I’ve read hands of Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, Star Jones, Kevin Kline, Kyra Sedgwick, Barbara Corcoran, Dave Brubeck, and Maurice Sendak, and many other celebrities and their families. I’ve examined hundreds of hands of court committed murderers in a forensic psychiatric hospital for criminally insane people in NYC for two years. Here are seven blog postings about  How I Lost my Sanity!

I’ve appeared on ABC The View, CBS Martha Stewart LivingCBS Evening News, FOX Good Day NY, Lifetime TV, Queens, NPR and WNYC. I’ve been featured in the NY Times, NY Newsday, The Daily News, Village VoiceNew York MagazineINSTYLE Magazine, Family CircleModern BrideManhattan User’s GuideAstrogirl Magazine, and others. Because of my credentials in design and technology, my reputation as a master hand reader and character analyst, and my appearances on television, radio, and in print media, I’m uniquely qualified to promote palmistry.

I offer five-minute reflections at special events, counsel countless couples, raise funds for diverse causes such as AIDS, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Schizophrenia, Arts Education, and Environment. I taught Metaphysics 101 at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC for five years. I’ve spoken, given workshops, and taught classes at the New York Open Center, Learning Annex, Source of Life Center, Hunter College, Pace University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Marymount Manhattan College, Theosophical Society, East West BookstoreLower East Side Tenement Museum, and National Design Museum in NYC. I have a private consulting practice with over 1,000 clients who see me on a need to see basis. I’m happy to help and happy not to be needed.

If you’d like to learn more about how I arrived here read on

Click on the images below to see short videos about my life in palmistry, Star Jones putting me on the defensive on ‘THE VIEW’, and a short excerpt from a palmistry lecture for Communication students at the School for Visual Arts.

Photo by Susan Alancraig

Over the past forty years, Mark Seltman has read tens of thousands of hands of people of every age, gender, race, color, size, shape, career, and socio-economic diversity. He has examined the hands of celebrities, billionaires, corporate executives, and […]

Your hands are empowering tools to confirm, affirm, and transform your thinking and destiny. The value of reading hands is in being able to readily recognize a person’s personality traits, habits, and motivations […]

Mark consults with corporate clients about sales productivity, conflict resolution, team selection and building, skills and talent assessment, and employee relationships. Mark entertains both corporate and private clients at special events […]